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We are Chan’s BV – a company established in Surinam over 40 years ago with its own recipe for Chan’s Massala [curry powder]; one with seven different spices and herbs.

When Mr. & Mrs. Raghoober realized that there was not a high-quality curry powder in Surinam they created their own recipe by mixing several spices and herbs. After multiple different recipes, they finally created this current recipe of Chan’s Massala which contains seven high quality spices and herbs. During dinners with families and friends they were asked to make more so they themselves could enjoy it at home as well. After some months, others came and asked where they could buy the Chan’s Massala and so a business in Surinam had started.

After their immigration to The Netherlands, together with their sons, the same issue occurred and so they set up the business here. While it started as a small company, after some time they expanded their business and could afford a warehouse.

Chan’s BV
Growing up with parents with such an ambition made Winooht, one of the sons, also ambitious. After earning enough money, he took over the family business. Together with his brother Kishen by his side they are currently still running Chan’s BV.

There have been lots of ups and downs during the lifetime of our company. After having taken over the business, Winooht still needed to prove his position. Not only to the staff, but also to the customers. You still need to prove your abilities and capacities to the world.

Being an entrepreneur does not only mean working very hard every day, you also need to have the courage to take big risks. By taking these risks Winooht has made Chan’s BV into the business it is today. Together with his staff and other support he expanded our product range, created better packaging materials and made an improved label. Furthermore, we have expanded the business all throughout Europe and managed to get the ISO:22000 certificate.

Now after more than 40 years of existence of Chan’s Massala, with Winooht Raghoober as head of the company for more than 30 years, Chan’s BV is internationally well known as a reliable organization.

The power of Chan’s BV is not only due to the high-quality products but also our outstanding high- quality services which include:
Having our own grinding company to be able to mill our own products and on request for others.
Innovative and original recipes.
Possibilities to arrange warehousing.
Private label opportunities
National and international shipping Who are our customers?

Catering Services
Supermarkets; both national and international
Wholesalers; national and international
Export; national and international
Web shops