23 May 2019

My story about sugars and carbohydrates

My story about sugars and carbohydrates

Not all carbohydrates are bad

Say no to too much sugar and carbohydrate!

Three years ago I took up the challenge of NO sugars and carbohydrates. I got a lot out of it and hopefully for you too after reading this story. I was genuinely stunned by the result and saw how my “pregnancy fat” slowly disappeared after 3 weeks. This is the reason why I take up this challenge every year. For more than 10 years I wanted to get rid of my fat around my belly. Not because it bothered me, but because I was fed up with it. I really tried everything and nothing worked. Until I started working out at HitGym0172 in Alphen aan den Rijn. I told my frustrations and was told the following: “you can and you depend on yourself” and with this statement I started exercising in combination of this challenge without sugars and carbohydrates.

The fun of the challenge was less when I got a list of what I was NOT allowed to eat for 5 weeks. Of course I didn’t let myself be known and signed up.

A day later I already regretted it and then I looked at my stomach and I continued it in frustration.

On the 4th day I really thought I was dying; seriously true. Because I didn’t put extra sugar and carbohydrates in my body, the body started burning its own sugar. Because of this I started to feel a bit weak and it seemed as if I was heavily influenced by some kinf of stimulents. To remove this feeling, I had to walk more often and after the 2nd week it went much better.

My 1st week is over and now 4 more weeks to go and hopefully I will make it....

Almost everything contains carbohydrates and sugars. I was not allowed a lot and yet I made it through 5 weeks.


I love fruit and that is not allowed because it contains natural sugars. I am not allowed to eat rice; not a good thing for me cause I grew up with rice for almost 50 years. And did you know that there are also carbohydrates in bananas, sports drinks, sweets and corn?


Every morning I ate a handful of unroasted, unsalted and unsweetened nuts with the exception of peanuts, because they contain a lot of sugar.

In the afternoon I ate chicken (cold cuts) with eggs one time and lettuce the other time.

In the evening I cooked something different with sugar and carbohydrates for my children and for myself.

In the 2nd week it was not feasible to make something different for me than for the kids. So I started thinking about how to adjust this. And soon I knew. I started cooking with spices and I am still cook this way…you don’t even need salt, but that is an another story…

...and if you stray away, just start again or maybe you're not ready yet and start next year...

If you want to take on this challenge, I advise you to (continue to) exercise next to it. It is not a must!


By exercising it allows you to generate more energy and if you burn fat, you can still build muscle. Note that you do not “seem” to lose much weight. After these weeks, try to build up quietly with sugars and carbohydrates.

After the five weeks you start to build up your eating pattern. For example, start your breakfast with blueberries (or other types of fruit that belong to the “slow sugars”) and add this “slow sugars fruit” with unroasted, unsalted and unsweetened nuts with a high-protein yogurt.

If you can maintain for five weeks, your body no longer wants as many sugars and / or carbohydrates.

In almost everything there are carbohydrates and sugars

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